Trap Street & Dinomania: Two Plays by Kandinsky (paperback)


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Trap Street
‘One of the most ingenious pieces of new theater I have seen recently … mesmerizing.’
The New York Times

It’s 1961 and the concrete’s just been poured for a brand-new housing estate. It’s beautiful, not because of the clean lines, indoor toilets and wide windows, but because the idea behind it is beautiful. This is the future,
and it’s for everyone.

It’s 2018 and the last tower of the estate is about to come down. The dream that saw it built has long since died and now the estate has to follow suit to make way for new buildings, based on new ideas. This is the future, whether you like it or not.


‘Wildly inventive theatre company Kandinsky return with a head-spinningly smart show about Victorian fossil hunters… No-one else makes theatre quite like this.’
★★★★★ Time Out

In 1820s Sussex, amateur geologist Gideon Mantell finds something nobody can explain. It looks like a huge tooth – but what kind of creature did it belong to? And how does it fit into the story of an earth created by God just 6,000 years ago?

Based on the true story of one man’s battle to be heard, this is the 19th century as you’ve never seen it – filled with scientific endeavour, bitter rivalry and terrible lizards.

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198 x 129 mm





Publication date

08 October 2020

About the writer

Kandinsky is an award-winning theatre company with a national and international reputation for exciting and inventive devised work. Productions have won the Peter Brook Festival Award and OffWestEnd Award for Best Ensemble, toured the UK and transferred internationally.