Breck and the Online Troll (paperback)


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Breck is a strong and fearless knight. When he is be-friended by a Troll called Lewis, all is not as it seems. Is it all just a fantasy? Or a terrible truth within?

Based on the tragic events around the grooming of Breck Bednar, Breck and the Online Troll is designed for special needs and lower age students to introduce basic online and grooming safety to children. This book has been created to be used with children with the cognitive age of 8+.

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297 x 210 mm





Publication date

28 January 2021

About the writer

Mark Harrington is a special needs teacher with more than 10 years’ experience in SEN education. He specialises in Drama and English adaptions for special needs education. Mark is a trustee for the Breck Foundation, developing educational resources for the charity. For further projects that Mark is working on please see Instagram @harrington_projects.

Eve Yarnton is a digital artist and traditional portrait illustrator from Crawley, England. She has been commissioned for an array of projects varying from album cover art to family portraits, and has aspirations to write her own series of graphic novels. You can find her on Instagram (evey.ya & eveyarntonart) or contact her at