Losing It (paperback)


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All the boys at school seem to be only interested in one thing, so when naive Charlotte meets an older guy online who promises her a fairytale romance, she is sure it’s true love. It’s up to her friend Ash to try and stop her from making a terrible mistake but Ash has worries of their own. When a drunken year 11 house party gets out of control, Tim makes a decision which will affect both him and Seren for the rest of their lives. Meanwhile Mike’s become hooked on internet pornography, David’s still a virgin and Rob’s fallen in love.

Losing It is a musical play which tells the story of a group of 18 year olds as they look back on their 7 years at secondary school.

Recommended Year Group: 9+
Show Length: 90 mins

“Because there’s a bit more to it than sperm meets egg.

Teachers’ Pack

In addition to the play we provide a complimentary Teachers’ Pack, a guide for educators on how best to discuss the difficult topics examined by the play in a classroom environment, in addition to containing a range of comprehensive teaching resources and student worksheets.

We update the Teachers’ Pack each year in accordance with the play.

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198 x 129 mm





Publication date

24 September 2020

About the writer

Nina Lemon is a playwright, theatre maker and social entrepreneur. In 2006, she founded youth arts charity Peer Productions dedicated to transforming young people’s lives through theatre.