The Snow Queen (paperback)


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Kai and Gerda are best friends who would do anything for each other. So when Kai disappears, Gerda knows she is the only one who can find him. She sets off on an epic journey, facing dangerous trials and meeting friends and enemies along the way…

A brand-new adaptation of the classic fairy tale by Hans Christian Anderson, The Snow Queen is an ensemble production with largerthan- life characters; from talking snowmen to singing reindeer, angry flowers and chirpy birds.

Perfect for schools, colleges and youth theatres, it’s an energetic, fun multi-role adventure for the stage. Written to be flexible for a cast of six to twenty speaking roles, it can be as large a production as your imagination can handle.

The Snow Queen is a story about friendship, hope and searching for the hero inside you.

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198 x 129 mm





Publication date

16 July 2020

About the writer

Gemma Eves’ passion for story telling has taken her across the world. After training in New York, Gemma’s first work Fairytale Forest premiered in 2016. Since then she has worked on many adaptations of classic stories and Shakespeare plays, bringing a new modern and educational slant to a wider younger audience. WHO’S THE MAN? an adaptation of Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night was chosen to be part of the Sapperlot festival in Italy. Gemma is currently working on her next play, The Hollow Tree based on The Tinder Box to be workshopped in 2020.